Sarrouf Law; Senior Counsel (July, 2011- Present)

K & L Gates LLP, Of Counsel (1999- 2011)

Board of Bar Overseers, Supreme Judicial Court, Chief Bar Counsel (1991-1999)

Committee for Public Counsel Services; Chief Counsel (1984-1990)

Massachusetts Defenders Committee; Deputy Chief Counsel (1975-1984)

Massachusetts Committee on Law Enforcement and the Administration of Justice,  Executive Director, (1970-1975)

Deputy Assistant Attorney General, Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office,(1967-1970)


Boston College Law School, J.D. (1967)

Bowdoin College, A.B., cum laude (1962)


Visiting Professor of Law, Boston University Law School (1989- 2012)

Adjunct Professor of Law, Northeastern University Law School (1995-Present)

Adjunct Professor of Law, Suffolk University Law School (1993-1994)


American Bar Association, Chair, Standing Committee on Professional Discipline

American Bar Association, Center for Professional Responsibility (CPR), Coordinating Committee;

American Bar Association, Center for Professional Responsibility, Strategic Development Committee

American Bar Association, CPR Liaison to ABA Standing Committee on Professional Liability (2009-2013)

American Bar Association, CPR, Professional Discipline Consultation Team

Supreme Judicial Court (SJC), Standing Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct (1998-2007)

SJC Appointed Member, Committee for Public Counsel Services (2007-present)(Vice-Chair)

Association of Professional Responsibility Lawyers (APRL)

Boston Bar Association Committee on Attorney-Client Privilege

Boston Bar Association Committee on Multidisciplinary Practice

Columnist, “Rosenfeld on Ethics”, Lawyers Weekly of Massachusetts

National Organization of Bar Counsel (1991-1999)

SJC Advisory Committee on the Rules of Professional Conduct (1995-1998)

SJC Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules (1984-1990)

U.S. Department of Justice, National Commission on Criminal Justice Standards and Goals, National Task Force on Community Crime Prevention, (1973-74)


Wasserstein Public Service Fellow-in-Residence, Harvard Law School (1997)

St. Thomas More Award, Boston College Law School (2001)

Elected Member- American Law Institute (2003)

Inaugural Fellow-National Institute of Teaching Ethics and Professionalism (2005)

Best Lawyers in America (2006-present)

New England Super Lawyers

Thurgood Marshall Award, Committee for Public Counsel Services (2008)


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Massachusetts Supreme Court

U.S. District Court. District of Massachusetts

U.S. Supreme Court

U.S. Court of Appeals, First Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit

U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit